Laundry FAQ & Tips

If you have a laundry-related question that is not answered on this page, please write us at, and we'll be happy to answer it for you.

General Laundry Tips and Best Practices

What is the fastest way to get your laundry done, from start to finish?

For maximum efficiency, all 3 types of laundry machines on our properties should be utilized. Start by washing your laundry in our washers. Next, use our extractors to squeeze much of the moisture out of your wet laundry. Finish by using our dryers to dry your clothes to completion. Using an extractor before the dryer greatly reduces the amount of drying time required.

Laundry Washing Tips and Best Practices

How can I ensure my laundry receives the best wash possible?

For best results, be sure not to fill the washers up with too much laundry. Washers require some space so they are able to move the laundry items around to work the dirt and stains out. Also, it is best to use a high quality soap like Tide or Gain, as they are more effective than cheaper alternatives.

What is the least expensive way to wash clothes?

It is best to start with the big washing machines first. Fill them up with loads of your laundry, and only move to the smaller machines once you no longer have enough laundry to make a full load in the larger machines. The larger the machine, the more cost-efficient they are, so it makes more sense for you to use them as long as you can fill them up. As an added bonus, they are also able to provide a better wash than smaller machines.

Which is better, top loading washers or front loading washers?

Top loading washers are washers like you may recall using at home. As you may have figured, they open from the top and you drop laundry down into them. Top loading washers work sufficiently for very small amounts of laundry, but front loading washers are able to clean larger amounts of clothes and they do a better job cleaning them.

What can I do to preserve the color and brightness of my laundry?

The absolute best thing you can do to make sure your colors don't wash out is to always wash your colors, especially brights, in cold water.

How can I brighten laundry items that have become dull and dingy?

In the case of white clothes that are 100% cotton, you can use Clorox bleach to try and give them more life. For color clothing, Clorox2 Stain Remover and Color Booster can often do a great job reviving old clothes.

Laundry Drying Tips and Best Practices

How hot do you run your dryers and what goes into that decision?

We run our dryers at a medium temperature, and the care of your laundry is the primary driver of that decision. While running our dryers at a higher temperature could get your laundry dried at a faster pace, that would come at the cost of excessive wear and tear on your clothing. We set our dryers at a temperature that gets your clothing dried as quickly as possible without putting it at risk.

Other Laundry Related Tips and Questions

Do you offer drop off wash, fluff, and fold service?

Yes we do offer drop off service at a rate of $1.00 per pound. You drop your clothes off at one of our two laundromats, and we have your clothes washed and hung, folded, or prepared otherwise to your specifications. We get your laundry done quickly and save you the trouble. If you drop your laundry off in the morning, it is usually ready for you sometime later in the day.

Do you remove spot stains with your drop off laundry service, and if so, does that cost extra?

We are very happy to spray spot stains to remove them from your laundry so long as you are sure to point them out to us. We provide this service at no extra charge.

Do your employees accept tips for services they provide?

Yes, our employees do accept tips if you feel so inclined, and they are greatly appreciated!